Our Pickled Vegetables Are Currently Being Sampled At URSA MAJOR DISTILLERY in ESTER, ALASKA on Saturdays Bloody Mary Bar! 

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Pickled Quail Eggs

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Our Up-Coming Bazaar Schedule:

​​A Women's Affair (Fairbanks)

March 31-April 2, 2017

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Try our delicous pickled quail eggs!  We have three flavors to awaken your taste buds, Hot, Garlic, and Beet! 


Whether you like fresh eggs, pickled eggs, or enjoy shopping for merchandise, we offer it all here!


Home Of The Original Mosquito Bites!

We hatch and hand raise all of our birds to ensure the highest quality eggs for our customers. 

" Best Pickles In Town, You Won't Be Let Down!"

We offer a variety of pickled vegetables in a HOT brine or REGULAR (Dill) brine.

Gourmet Pickled Quail Eggs

Pickled Vegetables, Pickled Quail Eggs, & Fresh Quail Eggs!

Watch Our Babies Being Born!